Hidden in one of the most beautiful regions of Germany, Kusch+Co produces high-quality contract seating and tables.

The family business soon starts growing rapidly: Kusch+Co during the rearrangement of the wood storing place in the forties.
The first Daimler truck for the Kusch+Co fleet is made to specification.
Kusch+Co at the milk bar. In the typical style of the fifties.

Some like it hot – MM at the height of her career.
First sounds out of the cosmos: The Sputnik orbits the earth.
The pill causes a birth-rate slump.
The "million chair" series 2000, designed by Edlef Bandixen, in production until 1993.
Cassius Clay about Muhammad Ali:“I am the greatest.”
Luigi Colani develops some breathtaking series for Kusch+Co.
Series 2500, designed by Prof. Hans Ell. In the parish church of Windach.

CCH: Kusch+Co at the Hamburg Congress Center.
Kusch+Co at the Orgatec, the first international trade fair for office organization in Cologne.
Furnishing of large convention halls "just in time" by our own fleet of trucks.

The company restaurant of Siemens in Berlin, series 1100.

Series 2750 Soley, designed by Valdimar Hardarson, becomes "furniture of the year 1984".

There is more room than you think: The Goldsaal at the Westfalenhalle Dortmund.
The German Parliament (temporarily in the Bonn waterworks) decides for a special version of Kusch+Co series 7300, designed by Prof. Jorgen Kastholm.

Kusch+Co installs one of the first water lacquer plants of the furniture industry worldwide.
Germany wins the World Cup in Italy.


Success never comes easily: super model Claudia Schiffer.
The Kusch+Co Infocenter in Hallenberg was redesigned and received the BDIA award (Association of German Interior Designeral).
Ten awards for design excellence: series 2200 ¡Hola! designed by Jorge Pensi.


A new corporate design is developed and will be used on all means of communication.

The congress sits on series 3200 Gorka at the Vienna Hofburg.

Prof. Dieter Rams develops the versatile RA 98 range which has already received a design award.

Series 1600 Piazza in the canteen of the university Berlin.
Kusch+Co has a seat in the regional government at Düsseldorf. Series 8400 Ona. Design: Jorge Pensi.
Outlook: Under the new dome of the Berlin Reichstag, the members of parliament sit at Kusch+Co tables.
More dynamism for the office! An innovative, mobile series for a flexible office arrangement: series 9100 Profession. Design: Justus Kolberg

The Gulf War. Saddam Hussein was captured in Tikrit; his statue was torn down.
Tsunami in the Indian Ocean. On 26 December, a succession of several waves caused serious damage and claimed a high death toll.
“Habemus Papam”. Pope Benedict XVI. started his new papacy as head of the Roman Catholic Church.
Take a seat and experience the pleasant sensation of floating. Series 9200 Papilio. Design: Justus Kolberg
Series 4000 Delgado. An innovative folding table – with a foolproof mechanism!

"A sommer’s fairy tale" – Germany was lauded for its organization of the 18th World Cup.

Renaissance of elegant sled-base frames: series 1250 eTea. Design: Dieter Kusch
A success story from the start. Series 3800 is a trendsetter. It's more than just a chair – it's a modular series. With an electronic seat numbering system.

Special security measures were taken for the 33rd summit of G8 leaders in Heiligendamm.

Kusch+Co as a woodworking company is PEFC certified for its Chain of Custody.
Spacecraft Phoenix landed on Mars after 10-month journey. The digital robotic arm camera was made in Germany.

Flexible arrangements: series 7300 Terminal.
In remembrance of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, fans sign a giant tribute banner outside the Staples Center in Los Angeles, USA.

After the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Evjafjallajökull, the ash cloud severely disrupts air travel in large regions of European airspace, leaving about 100,000 passengers stranded as thousands of flights are cancelled.

After a significant cave-in in the Chilean San José copper-gold mine, all miners, who had been trapped deep underground for 69 days, are winched to safety through a capsule.

The rise of the company Kusch+Co has been a marvellous journey so far. This time bar visualizes all the important events of our corporate history in chronological order. Discover with us the wonderful world of contract seating and of Kusch+Co, amidst the beech forest of the Sauerland region in the very heart of Germany.

Just 30 years young and already on his guard, selfmade man Ernst Kusch founded his own company in 1939. At the end of the sixties, Dieter Kusch took over the business from his father and lead the company to international success. 1947 Simple, practical and virtually indestructible: the classic Kusch series 100. 1953 Prêt-à-porter in West Berlin. Fashion opens the gate. 1955 Kusch+Co quality test or how to fight one‘s way through the market. Some like it even hotter: the unidentified flying object expresses the new feeling of being alive. Amore mio: The Vespa conquers Europe. 1961 Construction of the Berlin wall and a leap into freedom. Series 2000 shows steadiness in the canteen of the Munich police. Series 1000, the first German chair with a polypropylene shell, in the Munich university restaurant. The American astronaut Neil Armstrong is the first man on the moon. Just in time for the Olympic Games in Munich, Kusch+Co supplies 40,000 chairs and 15,000 tables of series 1000, 1100 and 2000. 1974 Germany‘s football team becomes world champion for the second time. 1977 Time becomes digital. After her wedding with Prince Charles, Princess Diana captured our hearts. 1981 Orwell‘s little brother conquers the world. 1985 The Kusch+Co Infocenter in Hallenberg with an exhibition surface of 1500 m² offers a unique occasion to discover the fascinating world of Kusch+Co seating, including our vintage collection. Bumm-Bumm-Becker‘s first Wimbledon success. 1989 50th anniversary of Kusch+Co and official presentation of the world‘s largest chair in serial production. The fall of the Berlin wall on 9 November 1989 paved the way for the German reunification. 1991 Waiting on high-quality airport benches – Kusch+Co series 7100, designed by Prof. Jorgen Kastholm, at the Lyon Airport. Lotus series 3300 at Kagawa Industrial & Commercial Center, Japan. Peace, joy and harmony: the Berlin love parade. His Majesty Juan Carlos, King of Spain presents the Spanish national award to Jorge Pensi for his life‘s work. Series 4200 Capa wins the "Red Point" award of the Design Centre of North Rhine-Westphalia. Design: Jorge Pensi. The new compendium + x + = + informs about the development and the philosophy of the company. 1998 The event of the year for our industry, the Orgatec ‘98 in Cologne: Kusch+Co presents five new product lines on the award-winning stand. www.kusch.com Kusch+Co‘s internet presentation immediately receives the business-to-business award. Kusch+Co becomes number 1 in the category "office and project" of the design ranking of the Frankfurt consulting office d...c and even number 6 among the Top 20 of the German Industry. Continuity: Andreas Kusch (left) in discussion with Dieter Kusch becomes a member of the management in 1999. 2001 11 September 2001. The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York collapsed after the terrorist attacks. Adieu Deutsche Mark, welcome Euro. The Euro becomes the official currency of the European Union. A modern classic: the best-selling series 1500 Luca. Design: Robert de le Roi. A universal contract chair: series 1100 Trio. Design: Robert de le Roi. As elegant as a wooden-frame chair can be! Series 3500 Yara. Design: Jorge Pensi Relaunch of the legendary lounge chair TV-relax, designed by Prof. Luigi Colani for Kusch+Co in 1968. After the untimely death of her brother, Ricarda Kusch took over the management together with her father. Series 3100 Scorpii, Design: Uwe Sommerlade. A contract chair for high-class architectural developments! Orgatec 2006 with a dazzling display of new designs! Series 8700 Ona lounge. Design: Jorge Pensi. The city hall in FORUM Castrop-Rauxel – a legendary assembly hall designed by Arne Jacobsen in the 70s – furnished with series 3800. Kusch+Co is a competent partner for contract seating that offers a wide range of solutions. For instance, the kuschmed® Hygienic-Line. Or Kusch+Co’s fire prevention concept. With its series 3100 Scorpii, Kusch+Co furnishes an architectural highlight: BMW Welt with its prominent double cone construction. The swivel chairs with mesh backrest complement the successful series 9200 Papilio. Our benches go high-tech. Series 7500 Terminal can be fitted with a wide variety of appliances, like power supply, loudspeakers, air conditioning or the Flight Information Distributions Displays (FIDS). Waiting in style – at the northernmost airport of the world. Series 7100 Terminal at the Svalbard airport, on the Norwegian island Spitsbergen. 2010 Series 8000: Public Seating characterized by a new design language. Design by Porsche Design Studio. Universally suited for a plethora of environments: series uni_verso. 2011 Formula One racing driver Sebastian Vettel follows in the footsteps of Michael Schumacher, winning his second world championship title.