Collection uni_verso
A harmonious colour scheme is possible for the entire uni_verso collection. The powder coated frames may be colour-coordinated with the 4 colours of the plastic seat shell and with the stain colours of the wooden seat shell.

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Material: Laminate
Abrasion grade: M (> 150 up to 400 cycles)
Scratch resistance: Based on DIN EN 438 > 2.0 N
Fastness to light: DIN 68765 4 – 5
Cleaning: Wipe the seat shells clean with a soft, damp cloth. Remove stubborn stains with some hot soapy water or a laundry detergent solution.
Flammability: DIN 4102 B2, DIN 66084 P-a, DIN EN 1021 part 1+2
Disinfection: E.g. Ultrasol F 1 %, Perform 1 %, Biguamed Perfekt N 0.5 %, Meliseptol gf*, Bacillol AF gf*, Descocid 2%

* gf = ready-to-use