Every one of us spends one third of his life in a seated position. Whether behind a desk at the office or at work. During conversations or conferences. Waiting. While eating and drinking. Depending on the activities and the environment – the seating has to match the occasion. There is however one universal rule that applies to all: the design of every side chair, armchair, and bench should offer the best possible comfort and ergonomics. Everyone has to feel at ease! Design is key. Seating can add just the right touch to the feel and the atmosphere of an environment.

With an impressive line-up of 33 wooden- and metal-framed seating series, Kusch+Co has a multifaceted spectrum of high-quality contract seating on offer.

Series Datasheets Seating

1100 Trio1200 Duo1300 Paxo1500 Luca2000 uni_verso2080 uni_verso2100 uni_verso2180 uni_verso2200 ¡Hola!2750 Sóley3000 Njord3100 Scorpii3150 Scorpii lounge3500 Yara3600 Arn3650 Arn3700 Palato5050 Vega5070 Vega6000 São Paulo66906800 Creva stool6850 Creva stool7100 Terminal7200 Care7300 Terminal7900 Creva soft80008200 Volpe8230 Volpe8240 Volpino8250 Volpino8300 V-Travel8350 V-Travel8500 Ona plaza8600 Lupino9200 Papilio9900 Colani Collection