Over the course of history, disc-shaped surfaces, notably used for eating, have advanced to the modern tables we know today, one of the most widespread furniture items. Nowadays, tables take centre stage in a broad spectrum of our daily activities both in our private and professional lives: at the office, at meetings and conferences, in training seminars, for brainstorming sessions with colleagues, in catering and hotels, as bar tables at events or as occasional tables in lounges, lobbies, and waiting rooms.

Kusch+Co provides a multifaceted range of high-quality tables and table configurations, comprising 18 wooden- and metal-framed table series. Specifically developed and designed for contract environments.


Table Configurations

1500 Luca table series1750 Pinta table series3000 Njord table series3050 table series3150 Scorpii table series3600 ARN table series3650 ARN table series4000 Delgado table series5000 Pliéto table series6000 san_siro6100 san_siro8200 Volpe table series8250 Volpino table series8400 Ona desk table series8800 table series9000 roll'n'meet table series9500 table series9550 table series