Our standard collection consists of a wide variety of fabrics made of natural wool, hard-wearing Trevira CS or easy-care microfibres. The extensive range of colours and designs offers plenty of creative freedom.

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Fabric grade: 1
Material: Supporting material polyester yarn Hi-Loft (2TM) with vinyl-urethane-coating
Coating: PERMABLOK3®, SILVERGUARD®, stain protection finish, mildew-resistant supporting material and surface, resistant to sulfide stains, antitstaic surface
Weight: 685 g/m²
Width: 137 cm
Fastness to light: Xeno DIN 54004/NTC 1479 - blue wool scale, 1,000 hours: < 7
Abrasion resistance: EN ISO 12947-2: > 300,000 cycles Martindale
Cleaning instructions: Clean regularly in order to prevent build-up of dirt. Stains or soiling should be cleaned up promptly to prevent permanent staining. Use soft soapy solution or cleaning products for vinyl fabrics to treat the surface of the material. Remove only with a damp white cloth. Lacquers, strong cleaners, detergents, xylene-based solutions, acetone, or ketone (MEK) cause immediate damage and deterioration. The use of such cleaners is at the owner's risk.
  • EU: EN 1201 part 1+2;
  • FR: NF P 92-503/M2;
  • DE: DIN 4102 B2;
  • IT: UNI 9175 (1987) / UNI 9175/FA1 (1994) class 10.IM (UNO I EMME);
  • AT: ÖNORM B 3825, Group 1 - low flammability; ÖNORM A 3800 part 1, smoke production class Q1 - slightly smoking;
  • US: FAR 258/853