Laminate plastics, lippings and protective edges for our table series are available in a multitude of materials and colours. The surfaces are impact- and abrasion-resistant, resistant to many chemicals and easy to clean. For hygiene-sensitive environments, the kuschmed® Hygienic-Line tables are coated with the material RESOPAL®+HIPERCARE®.

A special highlight in our standard collection is the nanotech material Fenix NTM by the Italian company Arpa Industriale which excels both in its technical properties and its unique soft-touch surface.

High pressure laminate HPL Resopal® for tablesHigh Pressure Laminate HPL RESOPAL® +HIPERCARE® for tablesLaminate Fenix NTM® for tablesLippingLipping for Fenix NTM® Protective edge for lipping