Laminate plastics, lippings and protective edges for our table series are available in a multitude of materials and colours. The surfaces are impact- and abrasion-resistant, resistant to many chemicals and easy to clean. For hygiene-sensitive environments, the kuschmed® Hygienic-Line tables are coated with the material RESOPAL®+HIPERCARE®.

A special highlight in our standard collection is the nanotech material Fenix NTM by the Italian company Arpa Industriale which excels both in its technical properties and its unique soft-touch surface.

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Lipping ABS: Acrylonitrile-butadine-styrene.
Highly resistant to chemicals.
Limited resistance to solvents.
Inflammable acc. to DIN 4102 B2. (Tested acc. to B1 - flame resistant - only as one part).
Not self-extinguishing.
Fastness to light, level 6 acc. to DIN 53387.
No formaldehyde used.
Scraps can be burned together with wood at a specific temperature.
Please wipe the lipping dry after cleaning or disinfection.
3D acrylic edges: Highly resistant to chemicals.
Not resistant to solvents.
Clean with a cleansing agent for plastic material.
Fastness to light, level 7-8 acc. to DIN 53384c.
Scraps can be burned together with wood at a specific
Highly abrasion resistant.
Always use cleansing agents without solvents, always wipe dry immediately.
Beech edge heavy-duty veneer: 4-layered, steamed beech.
Glued with PVAC D3.
Can be bleached, stained or lacquered.
Formaldehyde level meets E1 requirements.
Dampproof without lacquering.
Thermal disposal without restrictions of any kind.