Leather has unique qualities: it acquires a beautiful and appealing patina with age. Kusch+Co offers several types of leather, each having its distinctive characteristics for interiors ranging from public areas to top-level offices. Leather is comfortable, supple and breathable and its extensive colour palette pleases the eye.

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Material: Central European hides
Thickness: 1.0 - 1.2 mm
Abrasion resistance: DIN EN ISO 11640
dry 500 cycles               > 5
wet 250 cycles              > 3-4
alkaline 80 cycles         > 3-4
Adhesion: DIN EN ISO 11644 > 2 N/mm
Fastness to light: DIN EN ISO 105-B02 > 5
Flexing endurance: DIN EN ISO 5402 50,000 flexes
Split tear force: DIN EN ISO 3377-1 > 20 N/mm
Tanning: Ecological mineral tanning
Dyeing: Drum dyeing, full dye penetration
Finish: Easy-care, pigmented smooth leather
Cleaning: Regularly dust the leather surface with a dry duster. Stains and dirt can be removed with a mild leather cleaner and a cotton cloth. Use a brush to remove dirt from the grain layer. Do not rub too hard!
Dependent on the usage, apply a leather protector every 3 to 12 months. Leather being a natural product, the colour and grain can vary between hides. This is a characteristic of real leather and does not justify any complaints.
Flammability: DIN 75200
DIN EN ISO 1021 Part 1 + 2
NF D 60-013:2005