2000 uni_verso

A contract seating series geared to a plethora of environments. Characterized by a fascinating design language with an ergonomically shaped plastic seat shell at its heart. Adding just the right touch to any interior. Offering a selection of 4 appealing colours and 4 metal frames. Design by Norbert Geelen.

2000 Stacking armchair (with plastic arms)

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2000 Stacking side chair2000 Stacking armchair (with plastic arms)2000 Stacking armchair (with metal arms)2000 Bar stool2020 Sled base stacking side chair2000 Bench
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2000/4Stacking armchair model 2000/4

W 61 cm D 52 cm H 82 cm SH 45 cm W 6 kg

2002/4Stacking armchair model 2002/4

W 61 cm D 52 cm H 82 cm SH 45 cm W 7 kg

2005/4Stacking armchair model 2005/4

W 61 cm D 52 cm H 82 cm SH 45 cm W 8 kg