8200 Volpe

Seating in a highly individual style with the appeal of a classic sculpture. By designer Norbert Geelen. The soft seat shell moulds to the body. You may choose from 3 different frame types: aluminium cross base, sled-base or a column on an aluminium base. The benches are fitted with a stretcher bar. Series 8200 Volpe is designed for waiting and reception areas as well as for dining and recreation rooms, adding pizzazz to each and every interior.

8230 Stool/armchair, sled base

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8210 Stool/armchair, aluminium base8220 Stool/armchair, crossed frame8230 Stool/armchair, sled base
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8232/0Stool model 8232/0

W57 cm D55 cm SH42 cm W8 kg

8230/3Armchair model 8230/3

W72 cm D69 cm H81 cm SH43 cm W12,5 kg

8235/3Armchair model 8235/3

W72 cm D76 cm H111 cm SH42 cm W18 kg